About CBC Global Indonesia

Established in 2019, CBC Global Indonesia is a company that provides sustainability assurance services independently for organizations.

CBC Global Indonesia continuously updates information both nationally and internationally as well as applicable regulations related to disclosure of environmental, social, governance (ESG) performance in the organization's report so that it can meet the specified criteria.

Our Purpose

Increase the trust and confidence for companies in conducting their business, makes the shareholders believe that their investments are safe.

Makes Company is able to meet regulatory compliance at national and international levels, and support company policies to achieve a sustainable economic transparently to their stakeholders.

Our Vision

Encourage communities to follow international rules and standards as a form of service and professionalism

Our Mission

To lead professional assurance services on a national scale

Our Service

Sustainability Report Assurance
Social Responsibility

Our Expert Qualifications

We believe that our Expert qualifications will reflect the validity and improve the quality of the clients we serve, here are the qualifications that our experts have to serve our clients

Certified Sustainability Assurance Provider (CSAP)

Certified Sustainability Report Specialist (CSRS)

Certified Sustainability Report Assurer (CSRA)

ISO 14064-1:2006 – Greenhouse Gases Inventory

ISO 26000:2010 – Social Responsibility

ISO 19011:2018 – Management System Auditing

ISO 50001:2011 - Energy Management

Our Client

  • Sustainability Report Assurance
  • Social Responsibility
  • Training