Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability Report Assurance

As the development of non-financial reporting activities in the form of Sustainability Reports gives high pressure from investors, government, social institutions, and other corporate stakeholders on the reporting content that must be verified through an assurance process by an independent party.

Independent assurance of the Corporate Sustainability Report is carried out using international standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative Standard (GRI Standard), AA1000 Accountability Principles (2018) and AA1000 Assurance Standard (2008). It will also refer to other Indonesian and international regulations that are directly related to the report content.

There are several types of assurance provided, such as:

Accordance to GRI Standard

AA1000 Options (Type 1 atau Type 2)

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Reporting for Corporations and Institutions

CBC will assist the achievement of ESG disclosure by complying with relevant regulations, in Indonesia and internationally in accordance with the needs of stakeholders. Where the main stakeholders for the corporation are investors while the institution is the community and the state, especially related to compliance with PP No. 59 of 2017 concerning SDG. With this reporting service, it will also help in saving time, resources, improving sustainability performance and improving the image of a corporation and institution. This reporting guideline will be conducted referring to GRI Standard 2016 and 2018.

There are several reporting services provided, such as:

Stakeholders Engagement (Internal and External)


Disclosure Scoring and Data Analysis

Copy writer


Determination of Materiality


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